Smoked Salmon Wings – Chilli & Lemon


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Akaroa Salmon Wings marinated in lemon juice and crushed chilli.

Akaroa Sea-reared salmon wings. Renowned for its superior taste & texture consistency over its fresh water relative. (No antibiotics are used in the rearing of these salmon) High in Omega 3 oils. It has a light smokey flavor.

The Salmon wings are vacuumed packed and have a 28 day shelf life.


Salmon, Crushed Red Chilli (contains: red chilli, water, food acid 260, thickner 1442,415, salt preservative 202,211) lemon concentrate (contains:water, lemon concentrate, acidity regulator 330, antioxidant 300, preservative 223, natural herb extract) Lemon pepperĀ (contains: Sea salt, lemon, paprika, chilli, garlic, mustard seed, oregano, coriander seed, black pepper, turmeric) Tabasco, chilli powder. (Contains Sulphates.)


Every salmon farm in NZ must operate in accordance with a resource consent that sets strict conditions determined and enforced by the local regional council. Our Salmon in Ocean farmed in Akaroa. Akaroa Salmon pride themselves on close monitoring of the salmon and hand feeding in multiple cages in extremely low stocking densities. They breed in ideal water temperatures and current flows producing a lean, healthy fish. The salmon are fed NATURAL nutrient pallets and antibiotics are NOT used.

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